VERNON: FASD Conference (Sep. 6-7)

Thanks to our colleagues at the Central Okanagan Professional Caregivers Society (COPCS) for letting us know that there is an FASD Conference taking place in Vernon this September 6th and 7th, 2018.  Click here for information.

If you’re interested in the topics that will be covered by each presenter, you can find this information here.

For the registration form, click here.

Planning to go?  Leave us a comment!

photo by: cogdogblog

SLOCAN RIVER FLOAT – Join us! (Aug. 24)

Photo credit – Brian Burnham (2017)

Join us for our SLOCAN RIVER FLOAT as we cool off from the summer heat!

On August 24th, CCSS is floating down the Slocan River again! This is another great opportunity to connect, relax, and have some fun in the summer sun.  You can float down this part of the Slocan River however you please – inner tube, dinghy, air mattress, life jacket and flippers, canoe or kayak!

Please join us – and we look forward to seeing you on August 24th!  See attached poster.

18 08 24 Slocan Float poster

Planning to float?  Leave us a comment! 

SPOTLIGHT: Wildfire preparedness – NELSON

The summer weather is getting hotter – and the means we are heading into wildfire season.  Our Health and Safety Coordinator (Teresa Delorie) found some additional information and resources, and we are sharing them with everyone who may benefit from the information.  Check out the links in the email excerpt, below.
Do you have questions about emergency preparedness?  Leave us a comment.

Our Health and Safety Coordinator (Teresa Delorie) let me know of some news that she heard on her local radio station this morning regarding fire season and I thought I’d pass along the info and links. 
This link is to the news broadcast which suggests that Nelson, B.C. is one of the highest ‘at risk’ cities in BC for wildfire this year
This link is to the Nelson website that provides for an easy sign-up to receive emergency alerts in the Nelson area.
Please feel free to pass along to all staff and HSPs in that area or who may be affected.


WE Day 2018 – thanks for coming!

Thanks for joining us for our WE Day 2018 community celebrations in Kelowna and the Kootenays!  We had a great time with all of you, and we are looking forward to posting photos from the events very soon.

Congratulations to our Focus Group feedback PRIZE draw winners!  Thanks for sharing your opinions with us.  We are going to be sharing back what we learned in our Focus Groups on our “WE HEARD YOU…” page (click here) very soon.  Stay tuned!

-The Team at Community Connections

18 07 06 We Day Poster BB