Hey everone:

Check this out – we were lucky to have the Kelowna Fire Department come and teach a group of us to use fire extinguishers…. above is a pic of the folks who came out to learn how to use a fire extinguisher properly.


Foodsafe Level 1 Course dates

Hey everyone, check out the attached poster for training in the Foodsafe Level 1 course in Kelowna.  There are 13 available public dates so far between now and the end of May 2019.  Thanks to COPCS for circulating these opportunities.  Please feel free to pass along to anyone you know who might be interested!

PEERS Program!

Hi all, PosAbilities is offering the PEERS program for young adults with disabilities — a 16 week social skills program bringing young adults (ages 18-30) together to connect and build friendships.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about friendship skills, important social behaviours, and dating etiquette.  Thanks to our colleagues at PosAbilities for circulating this information.  The program will be running from March to June, 2019.  See the attached poster for details, and please feel free to share!


Health Fair – Mar. 15

Hey all, on March 15th there is a Health Fair taking place in Creston, sponsored by CLBC’s Kootenay Community Council.  There will be lots of information and door prizes, as well as lunch and swim time.  You can RSVP to Susan if you plan to go, check out the poster for details.  This will be a fun afternoon for all!


I came across this in my travels….

…. And thought it would be awesome to share:

1. Be YOU, not them.

2. Do more, expect less.

3. Be positive, not negative.

4. Be the solution, not the problem.

5. Be a starter, not a stopper.

6. Question more, believe less.

7. Be a somebody, never a nobody.

8. Love more, hate less.

9. Give more, take less.

10. See more, look less.

11. Save more, spend less.

12. Listen more, talk less.

13. Walk more, sit less.

14. Read more, watch less.

15. Build more, destroy less.

16. Praise more, criticize less.

17. Clean more, dirty less.

18. Live more, do not just exist.

19. Be the answer, not the question.

20. Be a lover, not a hater.

21. Be a painkiller, not a pain giver.

22. Think more, react less.

23. Be more uncommon, less common.

Words to live by, have an awesome weekend!

23 Life Choices That Are In Your Control

Time Change!

Don’t forget about the time change today!  It’s “Fall Back” 1 hour.  Enjoy the extra sleep!