A Home Share Provider’s contract with Community Connections Support Services includes a respite amount.  It can be spent as the Home Share family prefers; whether it is all at once for an extended holiday or for a few days on a more regular basis.  For many Home Share Providers, the ability to recruit and train their own respite caregiver works very well.  Just remember, as a contractor you must be able to demonstrate sound judgement in your selection.  CCSS requires that you obtain a Criminal Record Check on a any person over the age of 18 years in the respite home.  As well, the primary support must have a current First Aid / CPR certificate.  We always advise Home Share providers to ask for and check at least two references if you are not already in relationship with this person (ie. family member, close friend, work mate, etc.).  We are currently developing a “How To” package for Home Share providers that will offer some further ideas around recruiting and developing respite for yourself.  Please check back on this web page for future information on this topic.

(Please note:  if you are a Home Share provider in the Central Okanagan, your contract is with CLBC directly.  Guidelines for respite, however; remain the same. )

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  1. Do I need to request a criminal record check from my parents if they are providing respite? I understand the need for it if you don’t know the person’s history but what about in this case? Your comments would be appreciated.

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